XELA un jour……XELA toujours

Xela Fashion Travels to Dubai and China



 Designer Prepares for Summer 2012 collection

Nora Sahraoui, XELA Fashion Designer, prepares for her Summer 2012 Collection with a cross continental trip to Dubai and to China. The purpose of the trip is to obtain her new and exotic fabrics for the collection as well as to direct the factory for the production of the line.

Sahraoui who returned to Marseille after two months in Miami, has been working around the clock to bring together her new collection which she will debut in Miami during fashion week this fall. “On my return to France, I had the opportunity to spend time in Paris and was inspired with the vivid and bright colors. The styles were also very edgy and trendy as well. My new collections is a combination of those and many influences including my time in Miami and from my Moroccan heritage.

Purchasing Fabrics in Dubai

Her new collection will be comprised of 30 exciting fashion forward dresses. The dresses will be couture, cocktail, pret e porter, and Arabic. Sahraoui is currently in Dubai to design the Arabic dresses and a selection of the cocktail dresses. She shares “ I am starting the XELA Collection in Dubai where I have traveled and worked over 10 years. Here I know the fashion industry and people very well, having worked with some of the top suppliers have been good to work and have also become dear friends.” One of her long time suppliers and friends is AL Humaidi. Today she purchased a beautiful fabric and crystals.

The center of Dubai resembles the capital of India and has strong influences from that region of the world. Here I am buying the fabric that I will use in the collection including elegant and noble fabrics, lace, organza, velvet, and fine silk. In Dubai spontaneity is a big part of my design process and I allow the rich culture or the city that is full of surprises to inspire my design. The fabrics are incredible with some being ornate with crystal or others hand made with intricate designs. Everything inspires me here and from the instant I touch the fabric I already know what I’ll do” commented Sahraoui.


Vibrant Fabrics

Once of a Kind Silk and Hand Made Crystal


Exciting and Intricate Patterns

Another objective of the trip to Dubai was to put together the second photo shoot with Xela Collection’s new fashions. Sahraoui secured Arnab Ghosh who is well known in Dubai for his high profile fashion shoots and working with a number of international brands. The fashion shoot is set for an exotic location in the dunes of the desert outside of Dubai.


Meeting with Photographer Arnab Ghosh

Meeting with Photographer Arnab Ghosh


After today’s photo shoot and a few more activites, Sahraoui and her team are off to China with stops in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai. There they will work with the production team on the prêt à porter, wedding, and cocktail dresses.



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