XELA un jour……XELA toujours

XELA Fashion 2012 Collection Set To Debut in Miami Beach at Fashion Week

Xela Fashion in Dubai

XELA Fashion  announced that it will debut is 2012 Collection in Miami Beach during Fashion Week in October. The fashion house will participate in the Funkshion Fashion show taking place at the majestic Setai hotel in South Beach.  The event will be attended by celebrities, dignitaries,  and fashion industry VIPs. 

She's Xela!

Nora Sahraoui, Owner and Head Designer of XELA Fashion!  Recently completed at month long tour of China, Dubai, andMorocco to develop the line. Sahraoui  shared her experience, “for my line, I wanted to be inspired by the vitality of the cultures and the warmth of people that I experiences over the years. I have very strong relationships China, Dubai, and of course Morocco and these resources were very helpful in putting together this collection. For my debut, I am sharing who I am as a woman and  designer. I have a strong  passion for Morocco, France, and all the cultures that I have been privilege to interact with. My fall line will be a reflection of that and my joie de vivre . “

Sahraoui began her designs in Marseilles by planning the collection then went to Dubai, and China for a month to meet with her team of seamstresses,  artists, and production team to develop the line. In Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Saharoui worked on 15 cocktail dress styles at the factory of  Tony Zou who she has worked with on fashions for eight years. She also worked closely to finalize the designs with Reign Rao who’s team put developed the patterns for many of the collection’s looks.

In Shanghai, she worked with Amy Lee  that contributed her mix of  influences from Europe, America and Chinese culture and there will be several looks in this collection from this collaboration. Next year Sahraoui and Lee plan to expand the collaboration with XELA Shanghai designed for the woman in Miami, Morocco, and Marseilles but also for the woman on the edge of fashion in Shanghai.

Sahraoui and Models in Dubai

The final leg of the this experience ended where it all began for Sahraoui, in Morocco. The sir name Sahraoui is Arabic for Sahara and Nora’s family is known throughout Morocco.  She was in Marrakech and Agadir  to spend time with family, attend a wedding, and to revitalize her roots with her many relatives. She then  went to Bouchane, a small desert village near Agadir,  which is the homeland of her mother. She wore the tradition clothes that women in her family have worn for generations.  This is the foundation of whom she is and the well from which she has created XELA Fashion.

Sahraoui in Bouchane, Morocco

Sahraoui is now in Marseilles with family and friends and observing  the Ramadan. Ramadan is a very spiritual time where family is drawn together, faith in God is celebrated, and the foundation for the for the future is set.  It is with this foundation and positive outlook that the collection is coming together.

The Xela Woman

In Miami this October, the fashion world can expect to see a truly authentic designer. One who designs for who she is and not for what others want to see.  The XELA Fashion 2012 collection is  sure to inspire and reflect the independent and confident spirit of the designer and of all women who will wear the fashion forward styles.

About XELA Fashion:

The XELA woman conveys an attitude of boldness and confidence. She is the woman who turns heads as she enters the room. XELA Fashions! are designed with this woman in mind by French Moroccan Designer Nora Sahraoui. Whether for a night out on the town or for a formal gala, XELA Fashion provides the bold styles to make her the star of the night. XELA un jour…..XELA toujours.

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