XELA un jour……XELA toujours

Xela Fashion

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The XELA woman is feminine with a natural beauty. She is charismatic and people are drawn to her. She is outgoing and adventurous and not afraid to try something new. She is a leader and not a follower in life or when she chooses the latest fashion trends.

 XELA FASHION takes classic French style and the striking colors of India and adds  dazzling rhinestones representing the influence of Morocco. Both the designer and Xela Fashions are  a cocktail of life’s experiences built on a foundation of French and Moroccan origins.

  When designing for the XELA woman, each creation is made for her to be the star of evening. Her dress will lead to a memorable occasion for her and those lucky enough to be with her.
Whether you’re European, American, Arab, African or Asian, in every corner of the world there is one common language: FASHION.

 XELA is tomorrow’s fashions for today’s woman. XELA un jour…..XELA toujours (XELA one day, always XELA).


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